Prosecutors claim WR Henry Ruggs III, just released from the Las Vegas Raiders, was driving his Chevrolet Corvette at 156 mph when he rear-ended a Toyota Rav4, killing the driver and destroying the Rav4. The Toyota’s driver, a 23-year-old woman, died on the scene.

Ruggs was arrested after being released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. He appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday morning to face felony counts of driving under the influence resulting in death and reckless driving.

A mugshot reveals Ruggs wearing a gash at the bridge of his nose and a neck brace.

TMZ Sports claims that authorities looked into Ruggs’ Corvette’s computer monitoring system to see how fast he traveled before the incident. A loaded gun was also discovered inside the Corvette.

Ruggs was found to have a blood alcohol percentage of.161, which was more than double the legal limit of.08.

Ruggs submitted his passport and had his bail set at $150,000 at his court hearing. If convicted, he could face up to 26 years in state prison.

This video shows him appearing for his first court date and he’s in a wheelchair and appears to have a neck brace. The statement says he’s due back in court on November 10.

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