Boom! The popular Netflix show “Squid Game” will have a second season. Hwang Dong-hyuk claims to be obliged to take this step due to the show’s whopping success. During a red carpet event, Hwang promised that Gi-hun would be back soon, ready to accomplish great things for the show.

A second season is in the works, but has not yet been finalized by Netflix. The series stars Lee Jung-Jae as Seong Gi-hun, portraying money-hungry people who agree to participate in a series of dangerous schoolyard games. Little did they know, those who lose the game are eliminated – in the worst way possible.

The South Korean survival thriller is widely regarded as one of Netflix’s best show. The show’s stars received international acclaim as a result of this phenomenal success. Lee Jung-Jae, the leading actor, has been working in Korea for almost 25 years. His life has completely changed now that he is recognized on the streets of America.