NBC Sports reported that Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey, briefly met with Ben Simmons on Wednesday. As Ben has told other Sixers officials over the previous week, Simmons informed Morey that he is still not mentally ready to play for the team. So basically zero progress was made and many believe it’s time to cut Simmons short, but at what cost are they willing to let him explore other teams, or can they get any trade value for him?

Simmons is still not involved in any team activities and is barely seen around the team, and when he was, he was booted out of practice by Coach Doc Rivers.

A source reveals that Sixers, worried about Simmons’ mental well-being, have offered him assistance through a team of doctors and medical specialists. Simmons claimed to be receiving therapy outside of the organization, but it really seems like Ben is using a loophole to avoid playing, and judging by the Sixers recent success, they don’t really ‘need’ him anyway.

Simmons’ back “injury” was a storyline when he returned to Philadelphia on October 21, but we all can assume that there’s not actually an injury and he’s probably faking it.

Sixers fans just want him out of town at this point.

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Eagles got rid of Carson Wentz and it’s time for the Sixers to unload Ben Simmons – two guys who can’t handle working hard in Philly.

Watch the press conference with Daryl Morey: