PETA is urging Major League Baseball to rename the bullpen to “arm barn.” The disputable term has been used to describe the space where pitchers warm up since the 1800s.

According to TMZ Sports, the nonprofit organization stated in a news release on Thursday that the long-standing baseball word isn’t “animal-friendly.”

Peta underlined the need to choose an up-to-date term that is more animal-friendly. ‘Bullpen’ holds a negative connotation since it refers to the area where bulls are kept before the slaughter. 

PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, emphasized that words do matter, adding that ‘bullpens’ belittle baseball players while mocking the pain of frightened animals.

While it’s probable that the term “bullpen” arose from actual bullpens, there are several ideas regarding how it came to be connected with pitchers, particularly relievers.

It’s unknown why PETA decided to demand a change now after the word had been in use for over a century. The request got the necessary attention due to its timing – it was made during the 2021 World Series between the NL champion Atlanta Braves and AL champion Houston Astros.

Rob Manfred, the MLB Commissioner, is facing other problems at the moment. The ongoing labor negotiations are not going according to plans, with the league facing its first work stoppage in over two and a half decades. The current collective bargaining agreement will expire on December 2nd, which means the league has a little over a month to strike a new deal.

Game 3 of the World Series is scheduled to take place this Friday at Truist Park in Atlanta. The two teams are tied in the seven-game series in Houston, 1-1.

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