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Joe Montana suggests he’d rather have Mac Jones instead of Trey Lance

Because of their stature, several legends in the NFL occupy a superior position. Their opinions are of the utmost importance, and they serve as advisors in franchising. On a college football broadcast, the former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana recently discussed how San Francisco signed the wrong rookie quarterback, Trey Lance.

The NFL Draft in 2021 witnessed a significant change in the sports scene. New blood appeared, eager to take on new tasks. Two of those rising stars were Mac Jones and Trey Lance. Mac Jones took over for Cam Newton for the New England Patriots, while Trey Lance came to San Francisco flying under the radar.

Because the 49ers already had veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster, Lance was unlikely to see much action this season. Lance, on the other hand, has benefited from Garoppolo’s injury problems. Unfortunately, he hasn’t made the most on those opportunities, earning Joe Montana’s anger.

While praising Mac Jones, Montana made a harsh remark about Trey Lance, implying that he would have chosen Mac if he were the 49ers. Is this a sign that Joe Montana has no interest in seeing Trey Lance lead his famous 49ers? It sure looks like it.