Welcome to another day where we see a YouTuber do a ‘prank’ in public, but really they just look like an annoying idiot who harasses people in public. This time it’s some dorky clown named Jack Doherty who was walking around in a mall flinching at people while it was on camera. He was doing it to women, men, whoever. and sadly – no one punched him in the face and knocked his teeth down his throat like they should have.

That’s because the little toolbag Jack Doherty has a bodyguard that steps in between people who turn around to confront the guy. Jack Doherty is 20, but he looks like he just got out of 6th grade and his voice probably still cracks when he asks mom for a raise in his allowance. He probably sniffs his dad’s underwear, the front and back part.

There’s only two possible solutions to this plague called YouTubers who bother people just minding their own business and one of them would end up with you or me in jail, because we would get arrested for punching their eyes out of the back of their skull. The other is that the YouTubers like Jack Doherty get arrested for harassing people in public and get thrown in jail where Bubba can bend them over in a shower and treat them like a real man.

There’s a video at the bottom of this blog post that will make your blood boil and agree with me. If you want to do a real prank, like the guy dressed up like a plant, or a snake on a fishing line that scares people in the mall – that’s fine. That’s actually a prank. But walking through the mall flexing on people like you’re going to attack them, when you’re just a 12-pound bitch with a big bodyguard is not a prank. That’s just being a scumbag and that’s exactly what this YouTuber is. Jack Doherty is a little vaginal scumbag who thinks he’s funny, but I am willing to say that probably 95% of the people who see his videos hate him.

The other 5% are probably paid to be next to him, like the bodyguard who clearly hates his job, but has bills to pay and will do anything to put food on the table. Just look at the bodyguard’s face in the video – you can tell he’s embarrassed. I hate the YouTubers who act like this. They make the good content creators get a bad reputation as YouTubers.

Watch this dumb video of YouTube ass-clown Jack Doherty and the guy who was about to retaliate on him:

Photo from embedded video

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Frank is a Phillies and Eagles fan, gamer nerd (Destiny 2), and Dad who graduated from Kutztown in PA. He played lacrosse in college and the PBLA, the Philly box league that featured many top tier college and pro players. He now runs up and down the basketball courts in hopes of maybe scoring once or twice. He works as webmaster and advertising specialist for many big name websites outside of sports. He also thinks writing in 3rd person is dumb as shit. I wrote this myself bro.

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