OOPS! A Miami Springs teacher accidentally showed the wrong Winnie the Pooh to a class of fourth graders, leaving some of the more uptight parents outraged and wondering how it happened. The movie was supposed to be the classic Winnie the Pooh, but seems like the teacher accidentally rented, streamed, or downloaded the horror remake called “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” that took A.A. Milne’s cute classic into a not-so cuddly slasher.

And let’s just remind everyone right now, that if you were ten and in 4th grade, that there is no way you would have been traumatized. You were ten. You would have thought this was either 1) awesome, or 2) gross, but you had a spine and a backbone back then, so you likely went home and bragged to your friends that you got to see the slasher flick in school.

Meanwhile, there’s parents acting like it’s an outrage. Calm down, these kids hear much worse on the radio, and if they saw five minutes of a horror movie at the age of nine or ten, then it’s not exactly something to be outraged by, especially if the kids are listening to some of the horrible music out these days, or playing five minutes of half the video games out there.

WSVN had a good way of describing the wrong Winnie the Pooh movie and the situation that happened at the school in Miami Springs:

The film, which is not rated, follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a bloody rampage after Christopher Robin abandons he them when he goes to college.

The head of school, Vera Hirsh, provided 7News with a statement, which said the video was mistakenly shown by the teacher during indoor lunch.

“I don’t know how that’s mistakenly shown,” Barreio said, ‘”’cause it’s not like – I mean, you have to choose what you’re putting on. Everything now is electric; it’s not like a VHS that could have been in the wrong cover.”

Twenty minutes of the film was played, and according to Hirsh, only one scary scene was shown. The teacher then turned it off.

“Terrible, because at that age, they are scared of everything,” Barreio said.

Hirsh went on to say in her statement, “Mental health counselors were available and continue to be available for students, at the request of parents, teachers, or students.”

As a mother, Barreio knows just how serious this mistake could be.

Oh wait a darn minute. This parent is speaking out like she’s been living in a sheltered box her whole life. There is no way any mom is mortified over this when she’s probably home twerking on her welfare check all day. You gotta be kidding me right now.

Was it appropriate that a horror movie was accidentally played in a classroom? Not one bit. It should not ever happen, but it did and the teacher turned it off. No one is impacted by it. It was a stupid mistake and it has been accounted for. At this point, shrug it off and let it go.

The one way you could accidentally play the wrong Winnie the Pooh movie is by downloading the movie and playing it, not realizing it’s incorrect. Some people may see the name “Winnie the Pooh” and not realize there’s more to the title.

Am I defending the teacher? Only if it was an honest mistake, then yes. Is it something I’d be outraged with as a parent? No, there are bigger fish to fry and this ain’t on my outrage list. However, I did find it kinda funny since Halloween is right around the corner, and what a way to scare your class than to “accidentally” play a horror movie! And to be fair, the kids these days AND BACK THEN were always into horror films around 4th/5th grade.

Doesn’t anyone remember watching Nightmare on Elm Street?

Watch the Winnie the Pooh horror trailer:

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