One can say that this woman has an unbreakable, limitless bond between her mother and between her sister, others are saying that this is just a sick relationship.

A self-described swinger, Brook Maklin has outlined her unusual family arrangement in a few viral posts. And she just doesn’t seem to mind how much she shares with her family members.

In the videos on the account @brookmaklin213, the social media user can be seen with two women who she claims are her mom and her sister. Nothing unusual here… until he starts speaking to the camera, claiming that she shares her husband with her mum.

“This is my mum, yeah I let my hubby have her a couple of times a week, yeah I’m that kind of wife,” Makli says, followed by captions: “My life don’t judge #swingerlifestyle #hotmom”

This post by Maklin provoked many reactions by people in the comments section.

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“What happens if 1 gets pregnant…you’ll have a brother, sister, nephew or niece but also stepchild,” was one of the questions asked by a user.
“Sick n twisted,” another added.

In another video, which she subtitled “swinger life,” Maklin claims she keeps her “man happy” by letting him “play” with her little sister too, adding: “Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.”