If you thought you’ve seen it all, then just wait – there’s more!

This woman was at the Vegas Golden Knights vs Edmonton Oilers game and she somehow got into a fight with people behind her. It’s not very clear what they were fighting about, but no one expected her to do what came next.

Just as the fight began, she casually leaned down and ripped off her own prosthetic leg, then used it as a weapon during the fight in the stands. No seriously, this really happened and it was caught on video.



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So how exactly do you counter this if you’re brawling with someone in the stands and they pop you upside the head with a fake leg? I just don’t know how you would react to that.

Do you stop and just look at them like “wait, what was that?” Or do you continue and treat it like it’s a crowbar?

Anyway, I think the Edmonton Oilers beat the Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 if this is from the game on the weekend, which it appears to be. I could be wrong, so if I am, feel free to reach out and correct me.

You can thank HockeyDB for posting this gem of a video!