Donald Trump Jr. slammed LeBron James calling him ‘a b***h’ and a snitch.’

Trump Jr. shared a video mocking LeBron after he snitched on two Pacers fans who were heckling and got them ejected.

This little incident happened last week, but Trump Jr. posted this video days ago followed by a caption: “Is there a bigger b***h in pro sports than LaSnitch?”

And he didn’t stop there! Trump Jr. kept mocking the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar by adding comments: “LaKaren wants to speak to the manager,” and “LaFlop James.”

In the last couple of weeks Enes Kanter, who is now known as Enes Kanter Freedom, took shots at LeBron for not raising his voice against China. Isaiah Stewart tried to fight him during a Pistons-Lakers game recently as well.

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The feud between LeBron James and the former President Donald Trump goes way back in time, with the Trump side always trying to discredit the Los Angeles Lakers superstar no matter what he does.

Until 2020, when Donald Trump left the White House, exchanges between James and the Trump family were really intense, after which LeBron James celebrated seemingly forgetting about everything Trump-related.

But the Trump family didn’t do the same, as they keep attacking LeSnitch.