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Texas To The SEC Sooner Than Expected? SEC Officials Are Discussing Adding The Longhorns To Their Schedules

The college football world was shaken up last summer when it was announced that the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners would join the SEC conference.

So, when will this happen?

Based on previously signed television deals between Texas and the Big 12, most believe in 2025.

Another question that remains will fall on Commissioner Greg Sankey which perhaps will place the Sooners to the SEC East and Texas to the West or vice versa.

According to a report from Saturday Down South, the SEC schools are currently meeting in Destin, Fla. and discussing future scheduling formats with the intent of adding both Texas and Oklahoma to the conversation.

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Here’s what Sankey had to say on the situation:

“Well, almost a year-long conversation when we got to 16 teams, what divisions will look like or what our schedule will look like. Those possibilities include no divisions. It’s on our list. We’re not going to do it in a knee-jerk way. The divisions work really well for us, but when we got to 16, that possibility is front-and-center for the SEC. Unless the sentiment of our league changes greatly, the division format works, and when we go to 16, that would be the time for an adjustment.” 

When coach Steve Sarkisian first heard of the move, it was obvious that the move would only make the Longhorns a bigger target for opposing teams:

“I didn’t take this job blind,” Sarkisian said, according to Dave Wilson of ESPN. “We’re everybody’s biggest game. I think coming out of (the SEC move) and the talk of what’s happened, our bull’s-eye got a little bit bigger. We can’t be naive to that. Whether it’s crowd noise, whether it’s yelling at us on the bench, whether it’s the horns down signal, all those things are really irrelevant to our ability to execute and succeed at a really high level.”

As for the Big 12, BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati and Houston all plan to join in 2023. Assuming the Horns and Sooners play out their parts until 2025, the Big 12 will have 14 teams for those two years.

Questions as to the timetable of the merge will continue to update in the coming weeks.