Terrelle Pryor, a former NFL player made a post on social media where he says that he is not a big fan of Jared Goff from the Detroit Lions.

This is what the former NFL receiver wrote on his Instagram stories: “Jared Goff is terrible (Charles Barkley voice). Myself and [Colin] Kaepernick can go on field this second and do better.

As for Kaepernick – no chance there. Jared Goff may have a 0-15-1 in his NFL career in games without former coach Sean McVay, but he’s still light years better than the social justice warrior.

Kaepernick has been out of the league for years and teams don’t want him or his antics. If the talent was there, then teams would sign him. But he’s not good, so Pryor’s comments are silly.

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On the other side, there’s no way Pryor himself could do better – even during his prime. He was a quarterback back in college who transitioned to wide receiver in the NFL.  He went 3-7, throwing for 1,994 yards, nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His pass completions were 56.3 percent. His stats are bad and he’s just talking out of his you know what.

Jared Goff sucks, but he doesn’t suck as much as Kaepernick and Pryor as a QB.

Meanwhile, Pryor has this to worry about…