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Guy wonders how someone can get stuck in a freezer, nearly finds out the hard way (video)

Here’s a guy who wants to know how someone can actually get stuck inside of a walk-in freezer. Apparently it happened before and ended terribly, but he wants to know how that could possibly happen when you could just open the door with the handle.

He’s about to find out! He walked into the freezer and then shows us how to get out by using the doorknob. Seems simple, right? Well, as he’s using the doorknob/handle, it actually gets stuck and his facial expression says everything.

Seems like the door might be jammed or frozen stuck, so now he uses his body to hip-check the door and it opens. Let’s just say this – if a smaller person was in there, could they get out? We don’t want to find out the hard way so we certainly are not testing this.

You won’t see me trying this, that’s for sure! NO THANK YOU to the freezer action! LOL!!