Stephen A. Smith isn’t playing around. He roasts numerous other quarterbacks who have went unproven as elite players in the playoffs. OK, but neither is Patriots QB Mac Jones.

Patriots have elite coach Bill Belichick, but if the coach’s players can’t outperform other teams on the field, then what?

So what are the chances the Patriots hit the playoffs running full steam with Belichick and Mac Jones? Actually a toss-up because they’re sitting at 6-4 as are other several others with a similar record, a handful of losing teams, and then the only team with a great record is the Tennessee Titans at 8-2 with no Derrick Henry.

Henry is probably out for the rest of the year with the foot surgery. If the Titans aren’t in the Super Bowl, then I don’t predict Henry comes back. I just can’t see it happening after a surgery on his foot, especially the outer side of it where he’s constantly putting pressure to make cuts on the field.

Who else in the AFC is worthy of a long playoff run? Could Lamar Jackson power the Ravens deep into the playoffs? Maybe Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs if they could stop throwing interceptions and get back to their elite form. No clue what’s going on there, but seems like Mahomes is forcing way too many and he’s trying to impersonate Carson Wentz doing that “omg I must make every throw” nonsense. Except, you won’t see Mahomes throwing shovel pass interceptions like a complete goof (Wentz).

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Chargers look decent, but they’re 5-4, so really, they’re not decent. Neither are most of the teams in the AFC at this point. The NFC doesn’t look much better. There’s like a ton of very average teams, one or two top teams, and a bunch of losers.

The Detroit Lions finally broke their losing streak, but still didn’t win. How the heck…. I just can’t even.

Here’s what Stephen A. Smith is talking about with the Patriots – and maybe he’s on to something with the elite coaching they’ve got over there.