We all knew that this day would come eventually and Steph Curry has officially passed Ray Allen’s record for having most made three-pointers in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors superstar needed 585 fewer games to make 3,358 three-pointers (at the time), so basically, Steph broke the record of one of the best three-point shooters of all time and he’s just going to keep adding to the record.

History was written in the second quarter of the game against the Chicago Bulls when Curry hit a contested three-point shot over the one and only Alex Caruso and the fans at the Chase Center in San Francisco, and probably all around the world, went wild as this is will be a day to remember for every basketball fan, and especially for one of the Splash Brothers.

Curry was, by no surprise, their best scorer again, with a ridiculous 40 point game nailing even more ridiculous 9 treys, adding 5 assists and 4 rebounds into this amazing stat-line, as the Golden State Warriors beat the Chicago Bulls 119-93.

The Warriors are now on a 11-1 record, which is an almost perfect start to the season, and it’s obvious that they are on a great run that doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon.

“We’re pretty good,” said Curry. “Obviously, have this long homestand, some teams with not great records, but we’re taking care of business, and eventually, you play everybody. So, it’s just a matter of controlling what you can control…I like where we’re at right now.”

Curry also had a typical Curry signature move when he attempted a three-point shot and looked away into the crowd which was followed by a classy finger-point while the ball was still in the air, going in, obviously.

Take a look and see for yourself just how confident this guy is. He rips a (wide open) three and points at his former college coach before the ball goes in – and guess what? It went in, nothing but net!

He paid tribute to his former college of Davidson as well.

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