The Philadelphia 76ers opened their season with a 20-point road victory against the New Orleans Pelicans and all while all-star guard Ben Simmons was out on a one game suspension.

Simmons was thrown out of practice and suspended for a single game after his conduct with the team was enough for coach Doc Rivers to want him away from the team.

CBS Sports reported on Ben Simmons practice dilemma and suspension in this video:


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As for the rest of the team who traveled to New Orleans, they seemed to have no issue handling the home team Pelicans without Ben Simmons’ defensive abilities.

The Sixers sure didn’t miss Ben Simmons’ lack of shooting, the very problem he allegedly refuses to work on during the off-season, or ever.

Tyrese Maxey started in place of Simmons and put up 20 points. Star center Joel Embiid dropped 20 points, and even Furkan Korkmaz came off the bench for double digits, scoring 22 with four three-pointers.

View the box score if interested.

Here’s the highlights video: