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Hidden Valley releases Ranch Nog, the dressing-based Egg Nog kit, and it looks absolutely disgusting

According to Food and Wine, Hidden Valley is selling a limited-edition “RanchNog Kit” for $50 a pop, which includes a jigger, two branded glasses, a couple of packets of ranch seasoning, and a recipe for the drink that was dreamed up by the complicit mixologists at Whiskey & Rosemary.

So what’s a RanchNog? It is a combination of eggnog that tastes like ranch dressing. Yes, you read it right…
Maybe the real question we need to ask is ‘Why?

Eggnog is usually made with cream, sugar, and eggs etc. You can mix liquor for the adults and we can easily make an argument about what kind of alcohol exactly should be used, but that’s your choice.

But there’s some things you just don’t do and making a combination of eggnog and ranch dressing is certainly one of them. It’s like putting salt in your morning coffee, or chocolate syrup in your chicken soup – it’s just disgusting.