If you’re on the Raiders defense, then you’ve got to be ashamed of yourselves for getting smoked by the Chicago Bears 30-12. I know the Raiders don’t have much at quarterback either, but how do you let the Bears rack up 30 points with a backup QB, let alone some 23-year-old DII quarterback? I guess that comes down to bad coaching, right?

Bagent went 21/29 with one touchdown pass to D’onta Foreman and no interceptions.  Bagent also racked up 24 rushing yards on 3 attempts. These aren’t stellar stats by any means, but for that guy – yes they are! Foreman, meanwhile, had 89 yards on only 16 carries and two of them were for touchdowns – giving him three scores on the day.

But back to my main point. The Raiders knew they were coming in against a backup quarterback and should have been ready to strike, blitzing and picking up the run at all times. Obviously the Bears defense was ready, only giving up 12 points against Brian Hoyer (who?) and they ran Hoyer into the ground. Hoyer went 17/32 for only 129 yards and two interceptions.

So basically, the Bears defense was ready and the Raiders totally shit the bed. Even with Davante Adams catching the ball for the Raiders, Mr. Hoyer over there couldn’t get anything more than 7 catches and 57 measly yards for Adams. Shame.

I feel stupid because I streamed the Raiders defense thinking they’ll dominate Bagent? Or Bagent will just make a few mistakes considering he’s the backup. I should have played the Bears defense against Hoyer though. Clearly Hoyer sucks more than we thought. Maybe the Raiders will do better next week, or they’ll just have to switch towns again at this point.

Photo: screenshot from embedded video

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