PITTSBURGH – The Steelers have announced they will only sell half of their individual game tickets for the 2020 season as they prepare for potential social distancing situations that may be put in place by the government or NFL.

The individual tickets are on sale to the public starting today and there appears to be several limitations in place.

As of now, fans can purchase a maximum of eight tickets for each household for any of the regular season home games. There are eight home games and eight away games. However, according to CBS, there is no limit on how many tickets can be purchased for preseason games.

As of now, the status of the NFL season is unknown. The first regular season game is scheduled for Thursday, September 20, with the Houston Texans matching up against Super Bowl LIV winners, the Kansas City Chiefs. the full NFL schedule is provided by CBS Sports.

Football fans await the status of the NFL season and what new measures are in place to provide safety for fans, players, staff, and executives in the stadiums and parking lots.

At the current time, it is likely too early to predict how the season will be or what major changes could be in place. There also remains the possibility that it begins on time and there aren’t many changes at all – but that’s more likely to be decided over the summer months.

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