This is like watching the old school Detroit Pistons who would beat everyone up on the court and barely get a flagrant for it. The Lakers’ LeBron James was boxing out Isaiah Stewart as the Pistons’ Jerami Grant took a foul shot.

It looks like James might have elbowed Stewart across the face and he really did not like that, not one bit. Not AT ALL. It drew blood and Stewart wanted revenge. It’s unclear if LeBron said something that sparked Stewart going into full rage mode, but it’s likely because he turned it up from 5-10 real quick.

Both players were ejected and the Lakers won 121-116.

Stewart took a tumble, then recovered and got right in LeBron’s face. They got broken up a bit, but then Stewart took it to another level and really wanted to brawl. It took multiple staff and security to hold him back from trying to drive his fists into LeBron’s face. And of course, LeBron will be mocked for it, as many people simply don’t like him, including myself.

Here’s some videos of the action as it happened:

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