If you’ve never been to a Penn State game, then let me just tell you – spending a few nights in an RV just to see this in person is more worth it than I can ever explain.

Penn State’s white out victory over Auburn was quite a spectacle of 106k+ fans going absolutely nuts was just amazing. Even seeing this on video is something special.


From CBS Sports:

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No. 10 Penn State held on late to defeat No. 22 Penn State 28-20 in a thriller Saturday night in Happy Valley. The game saw both teams trade long touchdown drives while dealing with questionable officiating decisions from the SEC crew in what ended up as one of the most entertaining games through three weeks of the 2021 college football season.

The game came down to the final play as Auburn — down eight with no timeouts — drove in the final minutes. In the end, Tigers quarterback Bo Nix’s heave toward the end zone as time expired was broken up to seal the win for the Nittany Lions and give Penn State its second win over a ranked team already this season.

A few of my friends went to Penn State and we would head up in an RV full of booze and snacks and get bombed for like three days straight and somehow sit in long traffic on the way home knowing it was such a great time.

The tailgate is beyond anything I’ve ever seen, even better than going to an Eagles game in my hometown of Philly. The crowd is amazing, everyone is cool, and we’re all stuffing our faces with every food and drink you can imagine.

Then you get a ticket for cheap and walk your way into the crowd of almost 106k people and it’s just even more nuts.

You are there in person and the stadium is MASSIVE. Why don’t we smash 106k people into the NFL stadiums? Imagine how much fun that would be – except how they gouge our wallets with overpriced drinks, parking, and expensive food that half the time ain’t worth eating. We get better stuff in the parking lot from the chubby guy who don’t wash his hands out of the Johnny on the Spot than some of the junk they try selling you in a stadium with a $16 beer.

This is why we drink Natty Lite in the parking lots, yo! Also, to the girl I met who was dressed as a pumpkin, I forget your name, but meow!

Here’s a few photos from the White Out win over Auburn too – just an amazing day for Penn State and college football at the expense of Auburn.