Penn State ended the day 6-4 as they lost 21-17 to Michigan, helping them get to 9-1 – but no one really cares about that because of what else happened in the game that might have made comedy and football history.

Penn State went for a fake punt and got it. That was cool seeing a guy with number 98 throw a pass for a first down. No big deal, easy peezy. This one went fine, see:


But that wasn’t the only fake in the game. Penn State also went for a fake field goal on 4th and goal at about the TWO YARD LINE. As if they couldn’t just fall over for six feet and get the TD – or at least pin the Wolverines at the brink of their own end zone and hope for a defensive stop.

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Nah. 4th and goal, gotta run a fake field goal and make it the absolute funniest and worst thing you might see in football. Well, the ‘butt fumble’ was bad, so just narrow this one down to one of the worst FAKES in football history and we’ve got a possible contender for the follies title.

Also keep in mind that PENN STATE IS UP 3-0, so there’s no need to do a fake kick with the people who appear to be the least athletic on the team. Just punch it in for the touchdown or get Michigan on their own 1, right? You know, the easy smart thing to do.

Nope. Let’s totally over think this and then have everything go wrong. By the way, don’t think I’m hating on Penn State, because I absolutely love going to their games and hope they beat Michigan every time – but this was literally a bonehead play that we wouldn’t even do in Madden. I’d rather run all the way back to my end zone with Lamar Jackson and try to score than pull a fake field goal THAT close to the end zone…. I’m just sayin…

Watch this…