Stephen A. Smith revealed who he’d rather have for the rest of this season as his preferred quarterback.

He went with the obvious Super Bowl winner despite Mahomes having an absolutely terrible season. Lamar Jackson is playing at an amazing level while Mahomes just absolutely sucks this year.

So what exactly is intriguing about Mahomes over Jackson? Clearly it has to be the Super Bowl ring because if you compare them, Lamar is doing well except for losing at the last second. Mahomes is just bombing interception after interception like he’s trying to be the next Jameis Winston.

But here’s the thing. The Chiefs defense is SO BAD that Mahomes has to score like 40 points just to have a shot at winning. Kinda hard to do when your defense is letting up a zillion points and literally can’t stop anything. You could give the ball to a college running back and he might even score on them.

Here’s how Stephen A. Smith broke it down for his decision.

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