A college cheerleader was doing her thing on the sideline when the opposing team’s quarterback threw a pass away and it accidentally bonked her right on the head.

QB Spencer Petras was rolling out towards the right sideline with no one open, so he tossed the ball away to avoid a sack or turnover, just basically wasting the down without trying to force something and cost his team a big mistake. The ball sailed out of bounds and that’s when it doinked off the cheerleader’s head and it was all caught on camera.


She smiled, flexed, and carried on with her cheer squad. While she was in good spirits then, her 3-8 Nebraska team went on to lose against 16th ranked Iowa, who was 9-2 at the time. The score was 28-21. They were close, but clearly not close enough.

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At least she had a memorable moment on TV, although a victory would have been much more celebratory!