Iron Mike Tyson’s days in the ring were over years ago – 2005 to be precise, but now the 53-year-old boxer is looking at options to return to the ring and he could get a $20 million payout for it.

Tyson recently got back into fitness and is looking stellar for his age, building muscle and still showing that speed he once used to level opponents.

One glimpse at Mike Tyson in this brief training video show he’s still got blazing fast fists for someone who’s just a few years over 50.

What are the details?

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So far it’s safe to say that nothing has been signed, sealed, or delivered as of yet. But at least one league is set to offer Tyson upwards of $20 million and possibly a contract if the legend comes out of retirement to join the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship organization.

Steven Marrocco reported, “I think I know what we need to do to make this thing happen,” BKFC President David Feldman said.”

Despite offering Tyson $20 million, they might pad the deal with even more money through charitable donations.

As for who Mike Tyson would square up against, that remains a mystery as well.

Numerous reports online suggest Tyson Fury and Evander Holyfield are options. Holyfield said he would be open to a bout for charity.

Here’s a glimpse of Mike Tyson working out at the gym. He’s 53, but looks like he has the physique of a 33 year old!

His physical build might be phenomenal, but what about his stamina to go a few rounds in the ring? That remains to be questioned.

If he were to challenge Tyson Fury, who’s only 31, then stamina and going the distance might be his biggest challenge. Then again, if we know anything about Mike Tyson, it’s that one shot is all it takes with the former champ!