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What the heck is this? Microsoft people announce pronouns and physical descriptions during video

I was on social media today, just hanging out like I normally do, when I saw these two videos and couldn’t stop laughing.

Not only were they announcing their pronouns (no one cares), but the dude said he has a beard and glasses as if it wasn’t literally obvious. He should have announced his jacket was ugly too. The lady announced that she has long hair. I’m sitting here thinking, “wow, that really adds so much value to this video that I don’t know how we could’ve went without that information.” Then I realized this was not a satire or parody, but these people are seriously announcing pronouns, their description, and they were dead serious about it. How can I possibly take this stuff seriously? This is sooooooooo embarrassing to the entire planet.

Is this is the nonsense that Microsoft has people doing? At that rate, just send the darn meteor.



But wait, it gets worse! There are two more people describing themselves in the most hilariously stupid way possible.

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