This is the most talked about college football touchdown I have seen in ages.

Mississippi State punted the ball to Memphis. A MISS player kept the ball live by making sure it didn’t bounce out of the end zone.

Another player briefly took a knee and touched the ball then stood back up. As that happened, a Memphis player says “screw it” and then grabs the ball and literally runs all the way to the end zone. It was like a punt return that should have never happened, but did, and it was a touchdown.


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Now why was it a touchdown? Well, some say you play to the whistle. Some say the ball was not in possession when the MISS player touched it – he didn’t hold it, he touched it, and that doesn’t equal possession, even though the guy was on one knee, which totally looks like he’s “downing” the ball.

But the ref threw the beanbag? OK, that’s just marking the spot, not saying the play is over.

This is just bananas and Twitter is off the hook with comments right now discussing what the heck just happened.

Should that touchdown count? Or did the MISS player down the ball correctly? Or did he down the ball incorrectly?

What if he picked it up and gave it to the ref? Does that seal the deal on the punt right there?

Man, that stadium was off the hook.

PS: look closely, is there two number 4’s on the field… uh…. how…. did…. that… happen??