This video is hilarious for us, but had to be embarrassing for the punt returner.

So here’s what happened. SDSU punter Matt Araiza punted the ball to Utah and the player returned it. Looked like he might catch a break as be pivoted toward another direction, trying to slice between some defenders. But one guy wasn’t fooled and that was Araiza who ran ALL THE WAY DOWN to tackle the return man. Yes, he literally outran his teammates to make the tackle and he BODIED the guy too!


Now here’s the kicker, pun intended. The OTHER kicker on Utah shanked a field goal in the SECOND overtime when the score was tied 31-31.

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They went into a third overtime and that’s when they started this weird thing where they take turns doing 2-point conversions to see who wins, because seriously, who wants to play a 4th overtime?

Utah thought they had theirs, but the ref said NOPE.

San Diego St. swoops in with a Philly Special and wins it. That’s because the Philly Special is just that good and I would know since that’s my hometown and our backup QB beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl! BDN!!!

Watch these college boys whip it out (the Philly Special, that is):