When the National Anthem was in tune before Nebraska’s volleyball match against Maryland, a few Maryland players took a knee and multiple fans could be heard shouting at them to stand up. Those spectators were loud enough that their unpleasant words for the Maryland players could be heard throughout the arena and it sparked an apology from the other team.

So After the game, some Huskers apologized to the opposing team for the actions of those Husker fans. Nebraska coach John Cook said some of the Husker players were crying during a timeout early in the match, as they were hurt by the Maryland players being yelled at.

Cook said he was disappointed by what had happened before the game:

“I do want to say that our players were rattled during ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ because we had fans getting on the Maryland players, we had a couple of players that were upset that were actually playing in the match. I just don’t think that’s our fans’ place to say things during a match. It’s putting judgment on the other team, and this is a volleyball match. We’re not here to do that. So I’m a little disappointed that happened. And our players apologized to the Maryland players after the match. There are other ways to express people’s opinions, but not right after ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ and introductions.” said Cook during the press conference.

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After the game was ended, the Nebraska players called the Maryland players to the middle of the court to apologize. “Normally they don’t shake hands, and they called them over and talked to them,” said Cook. “We got a classy team. Again, I’m disappointed that happens at Nebraska at a volleyball match. I hope it doesn’t happen again. We all have our personal views on that, but that’s not the place to say anything.”