Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, bought the entire town of Mustang, Texas.

Mustang, a blip on the map off I-45, is pretty much a 77-acre blank canvas for Cuban. According to the latest census data, this town has a population of 21 people.

When asked about the reason, Cuban said that ‘A buddy needed to sell it,’ adding that he doesn’t know what if anything he will do with it.
This town was founded in the early 1970s which served back then only as a local watering hole in an otherwise dry Navarro County.
But in the present time, besides maybe a trailer park and a strip club, named Wispers Cabaret, which is reportedly in disrepair, this town doesn’t offer much more than that. The funny thing is that Google Maps showed the name of the strip club had been edited to “Mark Cubaret.”

In one of its ponds, the town also features a “resident alligator.”

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It is still unknown what Cuban paid for the town, but for someone with a net worth of nearly $6 billion, it can be assumed that he pretty much didn’t feel it in his pocket.

In 2017, the town was reportedly put up for sale for $4 million, but Mike Turner, a Dallas real estate broker, said it was overpriced, even when they slashed the listing price in half.

Mustang is about 45 minutes south of Dallas, and there’s “Navarro County’s first and only vineyard and winery,” Angelita just two miles from Wispers. Also, the city of Waco is just over an hour’s drive southwest of Mustang, which is great entertainment for history buffs with a penchant for cult lore.