This came out of absolutely nowhere. Former Phillies outfielder and local legend Lenny Dykstra completely smoked activist David Hogg after he made a tweet about constantly walking by homeless people outside of Harvard University.

Hogg said: “I walk to class every day passing people sleeping in the cold on the ground- outside an institution with over $53 billion, in a state that purports to be one of the most progressive in the country, In the richest country on the planet. Our issue isn’t resources- it’s priorities

Then he said: “It’s great seeing the compassion of the community and how many private groups such as nonprofits and faith organizations pitching to help but it really shouldn’t be on them to do with the state and federal government could solve in a year easily.

That’s when Lenny Dykstra showed up out of literally no where and dropped a bombshell tweet on the guy.

Dykstra said: “So let them sleep in your Harvard dorm room, dumb*ss.

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Meanwhile, here’s David Hogg in a recent video. Does he even look happy to be at Harvard? Wow…