In case you missed it, Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving is not vaccinated and has been banned from the team until he gets the shot. He doesn’t want it. He’s made his own decision. He’s not interested in politicizing an agenda by going along with a mandate on a shot that he’s not interested in.

He reminds us that people are out there losing their jobs over these mandates and being forced to get something they may not want.

Kyrie Irving made HIS CHOICE and is giving his personal response in the video below, because he wants everyone to hear it from him first, while the big media spins things in whatever way they want to get some clicks. Well, this is Kyrie Irving’s message for US and we can all form our own opinions on his message after we listen to him directly.



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Why is it that we can pack a football stadium with thousands of people, many who may not have the shot, and that’s OK? But Kyrie can’t play some ball with just nine other players on the court?

And if you want to see how good this guy is, then here’s a Kyrie Irving highlight reel from last season.