This is awesome! Raiders coach Jon Gruden is fighting back and suing the NFL and Roger Goodell after his lousy emails from years ago were exposed. He should have never missed a day of work over years old emails. People know who he is. His players know who he is. Emails from years and years and years ago shouldn’t even matter, let alone cost a well known coach to leave his job.

It’s nonsense and everyone knows it. Cancel culture needs to be canceled, it’s a plague on society and it’s making society worse – not better. Every time someone gets “canceled” for something stupid, they don’t change and we don’t change either. We don’t like cancel culture. We don’t care about your feelings. We are sick of the nonsense over stupid things that will literally never change.

I hope Jon Gruden wins and gets a coaching job again. Even better, I hope the Raiders players welcome him back with open arms and realize that dumb emails from years ago don’t dictate who Jon Gruden is or how he treats people nowadays – and that’s what matters!!