Philly’s star-center Joel Embiid took an elbow to the face when the Philadelphia 76ers were blowing out the Toronto Raptors in a game 6 closeout for round 1 of the NBA playoffs – and it’s all Doc Rivers fault that it happened.

Sure, that try-hard Pascal Siakam threw up an elbow and did it physically, but when the 76ers are destroying the Raptors with only a few minutes left to go – is there a reason that Joel Embiid is still on the floor?

I know Doc Rivers gives up tons of big leads, but come on man – this is Embiid and he’s already got a jacked up ligament in his thumb, so he should not have been on the floor at that point in the game. Take him out and if Raptors come within ten, put him back in.

These are not hard coaching decisions and all the people reading this are most likely a better thinking coach than Doc Rivers. It’s like Doc Rivers losing all common sense when he needs it most and now they’ve lost Joel Embiid for possibly the rest of the playoffs.

The only hope is that the concussion Embiid sustained is not too bad and he can throw a mask on his face and go out there to bang some dudes and win some games. And yeah, that’s a great line we took from the legend himself, Charles Barkley!

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Let’s all thank Doc Rivers for getting Joel Embiid’s face broken and cross our fingers, dot our I’s and cross our T’s that Joel can play through this and still dominate.

If not, then it’s time to fire Doc Rivers.

WATCH the news clip on it: