As a Philly guy, we absolutely love Jason Kelce. He stated the only reason he’s still balling for the Eagles is the cafeteria and the locker room.

He doesn’t care who you are or what you’re about, he’s gonna say whatever is on his mind and he’s not cutting you any slack or spilling any BS. And one thing you won’t see is this man crying or whining about every little thing like Carson Wentz and Ben Simmons.

You just gotta be a straight up MAN to play in Philly, and if you can’t handle that, then GET OUT! We don’t care if you’re an all-star, we don’t care if you’re the best or worst in the league – we just don’t want any crybabies on our teams. Give your all during the game and be a man, that’s all we ask for from our million dollar athletes over here.

Now if we could just get his all-star brother Travis to play over here – then again, we’ve got Dallas Goedert after sending Zach Ertz to Phoenix. And darn, Ertz is another big time example of a role model in Philly.

Jason Kelce is the prime example of what it takes to be loved in Philly.

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Don’t forget about his Super Bowl speech:

Check out this awesome video about Kelce: