Ball slinger Jameis Winston has literal moments of brilliance as a quarterback. That much is 100 percent true. But his problem is that he has equal parts horrible, which is why he remains a backup in New Orleans. After starter Derek Carr — who was having another of his awful games anyway against the average Minnesota Vikings — went out with an injury, in came Winston to throw a dime to the back endzone pilon that was snagged out of the air by A.J. Perry.

It was a thing of beauty, for sure.

Winston would throw another TD earlier to star wideout Chris Olave, to make it a one-score game, 27-19, with lots of time left.

He also threw this dime:

The Saints D did have some moments too, though, which kept them in it until they weren’t anymore.

Could Winston pull off the win?


He went on to throw two picks, which is more like the Jameis we know and love to hate at times: Equal parts brilliance and terrible.

To add insult to Winston’s insults, the Saints were outplayed by Vikings QB Josh Hobbs, who played worse than Winston the first part of the season as an Arizona Cardinal, but has won his first two games as a Vike.

Not that Carr is gonna be a hall-of-famer, but if the Saints are stuck with Winston for any length of time at all during the second half of the season, they are already done, which is saying something given that the NFC South is horrible this year.


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