Jameis Winston was my quarterback in fantasy football last year, gunning for tons of touchdowns that all seemed to come with an interception.

Here’s a video of him having a catch with a neighborhood kid, but the funny part was the comments! As soon as I saw this video, I was like – OK, there’s an interception coming at some point!

Winston is 2-2 with the New Orleans Saints right now. Drew Brees started 2-2 before and he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame no doubt. Can we say the same for Winston? Well, I dunno about that. He would need a much bigger body of work before that conversation is had again.

Also, let the jokes start flying now. I know once I said Hall of Fame and Jameis Winston in the same sentence, the peanut gallery would be out and I’m gonna hop right in there and join ya.

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Yeah, hall of shame for interceptions maybe, but at least he’s a cool guy hanging with the locals!