Looks like young WR Jalen Reagor doesn’t like the Philadelphia Eagles trading for star WR AJ Brown from the Titans. Reagor, who couldn’t catch a cold if you threw it to him, wiped his Instagram and Twitter accounts of all info and no longer has a legit profile picture posted.

It’s like he’s getting dumped and scrubbing his ex from social media – but it’s his own fault because he simply can’t catch at the NFL level and he’s had enough time to prove it – or not.

He’s only 23-years-old, so there’s plenty of time to join that fan controlled league or maybe get picked up by some beer league flag football guys who peaked in high school like the rest of us.

Either way, it’s way passed “get the hell out of Philly o’clock” for Reagor and he might be a nice guy, but he’s not a good fit for the Eagles and this is all business.

Reagor will have to go drop a touchdown pass somewhere else if the Eagles fans get their wishes.

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And do us a favor – take JJAW with you! He can’t play at this level either.