It’s Dallas Week here in Philly and that means every sports fan with a soul in Philadelphia is pumped up for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. If there’s one rivalry in sports that tops most others, then it’s definitely the Eagles vs Cowboys and all the hatred our fans have for every player, coach, and staff member over in Dallas. We refer to the Dallas Cowboys fans in Philly as cockroaches. We know they’re hiding in town and they only come out twice a year. Eagles vs Cowboys is possibly the most notable rivalry in all of the NFL.

With that said, star QB Jalen Hurts has been playing on a slightly bothersome right knee and this recent update about last week’s win against the Washington Redskins Commanders shows both hope and a touch of worrying. The Eagles are 7-1 and the Cowboys are visiting ‘The Linc’with a 5-2 record. The NFC East is on the line and runs through Philly, we can fairly say that considering the look like the best team in the division. The Commanders have a bright future with Sam Howell, the Giants are a complete mess, and the Dallas Cowboys are doing well – but they’ve got Dak Prescott who could throw three interceptions at any moment when he’s not doing those weird hip twist videos.

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JPAFootball posted on X: “𝗨𝗣𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘: #Eagles star QB Jalen Hurts had an hour’s worth of treatment done on his injured knee after the team’s win against the #Commanders, says @MikeSielski  He was clearly playing injured and it will be something to watch as the Eagles take on the #Cowboys in a huge game next week.

So what’s that mean? It means Jalen Hurts is a total stud playing through a tiny injury, but he’s still careful on the knee considering how little he ran last week against the Commanders. The bye week is coming soon, so he’ll have time to rest and recover.  But you have to know this – there’s no way a star like Jalen Hurts wants to miss a chance to bury a rival like the Dallas Cowboys. Jalen Hurts knows how much this game means to the fans in Philly who live and breath the Eagles when we’re not getting mugged in North Philly.

I can’t wait to watch the Eagles host the Cowboys this Sunday at 4:25 in Philly. It’s going to be INSANITY on all levels. If you’re wondering how petty we are in Philly, then take a look at this advertisement someone took out on a local paper. Front page car ad – they know how to reach the Eagles fans, that’s for sure.

Watch the Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts talk during a press conference from this week:

Photo: screenshot from embedded video

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