I can almost guarantee that there is no way I could physically do this. Not because I’m out of shape or older, but because it just looks like something that requires physical attributes of Spider-Man and I simply don’t have that.

This guy takes off running, hopes on a pole vault, shimmies his way on the stick, and then somehow nails the landing across a body of water.

My only question was this: what the f-ck was the point of all this? I’m over here going to the gym barely three times a week trying to get rid of my moobs and this guy is pole vaulting across an ocean. But hey, I got fast Internet and good pizza, so I’m a happy man!  Either way, I ain’t trying it and I can’t do it, but my goodness – this looks cool as anything and it was probably super fun being there!!



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I love that it seems like there’s a party going on around this too. Looks like an awesome time and if it ever comes to my city, you can bet I’ll be there having a good day like everyone else.