The new NFL Power Rankings for Week 10 are out and contain a few surprises, as well as teams that make you shrug and say, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

To give you an idea how tough it is to win the league these days, a record five teams slipped past their opponents on Sunday on field goals with zero time remaining. Also, in Week 10 thus far, 10 games have been decided by a single score.

And according to Fox Sports analyst Bucky Brooks, “so far this season, 69.7% of all games have been within one score (eight points) in the fourth quarter.”

That said, however, the Cowboys and the 49ers established themselves with blowout victories on Sunday. San Fran destroyed the Jaguars 34-3 after Jacksonville had gone on a five-game winning streak. The 49ers won convincingly on the road after a three-game skid on plays like these:

Bucky’s two top teams — the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs — had a bye week.

So, what are his top 10 picks? Here we go:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (Record: 8-1; No. 1 last week)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (Record: 7-2; No. 2 last week)
  3. Detroit Lions (Record: 7-2; No. 5 last week)
  4. San Francisco (Record: 6-3; No. 7 last week)
  5. Miami Dolphins (Record: 6-3; No. 8 last week)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (7-3; No. 3 last week) [Jay’s comment: The Ravens are for real and better than this even though the Browns took ’em out with one of those last-second FGs on Sunday]
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars (Record: 6-3; No. 4 last week) [Jay’s comment: Nah. This team isn’t this good.]
  8. Dallas Cowboys (Record: 6-3; No. 9 last week)
  9. Cleveland Browns (Record: 6-3; No. 10 last week) [Jay’s comment: Don’t sleep on the Browns. They LEGIT.]
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (Record: 6-3; Not Ranked last week)

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