Imagine having 70 seconds left in the game and you’re down 24-7, then you say what the heck and score 18 points and win 25-24. Now imagine being on the losing team who only had to play defense for a minute and couldn’t stop them!! OUCH!!!

Josh Sanchez wrote “INCREDIBLE! Bishop Gorman was leading Hamilton HS (AZ), 24-7, with 70 seconds left in the game… THEY LOST 25-24! Comeback for the ages” and shared this video.

I can tell which team is going to be doing 2 a days for the next week and it ain’t gonna be the guys who scored 25.

Sure, it’s just high school football, but anytime you see a comeback in the last minute like that, that’s awesome – especially since they even got the onside kick! BOOM!

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Also, did anyone hear that announcer say “pitchy pitchy woo woo” – because I definitely did.