Some New Jersey Democrat power broker named George Norcross was booted from the Eagles game this weekend after he hung a pro-Israel flag from his suite at the Lincoln Financial Stadium in Philadelphia. Norcross was told that he was not allowed to hang any non-game messaging/flags from the suite and this is where the story becomes a he said/she said type of thing that turned into a mess and an ejection.

The Eagles have a rule in the stadium where any flags that are hung from the suites must NOT contain any non-game messaging. For example, you can’t go to the Linc and hang political crap from the suite area. They don’t want it. Fans don’t want it. No one wants to see this junk when we’re at a football game. Norcross suggests he was kicked out because of the flag. The Eagles security staff say he was getting verbally and possibly physically abusive towards staff.

Let’s set the record straight here. Rules are rules. If they say no non-game messages can be hung from the suite areas, then that rule applies for anything that’s on the flag – no matter if it’s a good message or not. This is the rule and you must follow it. Otherwise, take your flag down. And if you’re not going to take it down, then get out of the stadium.

Democrat Norcross may be trying to paint the Eagles in a bad light, but that team is a great organization who does a lot for the community and they have repeatedly condemned the Hamas attacks. They don’t need to keep repeating themselves. They also don’t have to let some guy from New Jersey break the stadium rules that are in place for EVERYONE to abide by, they don’t care if you’re some rich goon who can afford a suite – they don’t want your political stuff hanging up.

Granted, the messaging behind the flag was in good intentions, of course, but rules are rules. Follow the rules of the stadium or stay home. The Eagles issued a full statement that can be read below:

The Philadelphia Eagles reaffirm our stance again condemning the horrific and brutal Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7th.

“The tragic loss of innocent lives in Israel is both shocking and heartbreaking. We condemn the abhorrent acts of terrorism, and we grieve for all the victims and their families. We pray for peace to be brought to the people of the region.” – Philadelphia Eagles, October 9, 2023.

We feel it necessary to articulate the facts of the matter involving Mr. Norcross at the stadium on Sunday. Mr. Norcross’ removal from the stadium had nothing to do with the content of his sign.

Our stadium policies expressly prohibit signage containing any kind of non-game messaging to be hung from a stadium suite. Stadium staff repeatedly asked Mr. Norcross to remove the sign he hung outside of the suite. Instead of complying with the request, Mr. Norcross became physically and verbally abusive. Mr. Norcross was ejected from the stadium only after his abuse toward numerous stadium staff members continued. He was escorted from the suite level to the stadium’s ejection point, just as anyone else would be after engaging in abusive behavior in violation of stadium policy.

I won’t even bother posting Norcross’ statement because it’s not needed. Doesn’t matter what he has to say. Rules are rules, and he isn’t allowed to break them for any political reason. Even if the message was a good one, the rules still apply and we can’t let people break the rules just because they’re wealthy enough to afford a suite at the Linc. Can we keep the sports FOR sports? We want all the social justice and politics OUT of sports, right? I don’t care for the end zone signs and I don’t want the political flags flying either. Let’s play football and escape reality for a few hours, OK?

Here’s the video of George Norcross and his flag at the Linc:

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