Multiple people were reportedly arrested after a massive brawl broke out in the stands during the Fresno State vs Boise State game. Fresno State was losing on the field, so it looks like some fans wanted to make up for that by winning with their fists. As it turns out, that can lead to being arrested!

The incident was caught on video as the fists were flying and people were literally falling out of the stands. Just absolute chaos ensuing and even someone from the news caught some of the action on camera. There is very little information being released about the arrested though, so if you’re son or daughter attend Fresno State, then you may want to see if they were involved!

WATCH the video:


ABC 30 reported:

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Our own Action News camera caught one of the men swinging at Fresno police officers as they tried breaking up the fight.

The Fresno Police Department is releasing very little information about the disturbance but did confirm to Action News one suspect resisted officers and was arrested.

“Sold out crowd, a lot of alcohol, a lot of fighting going on after halftime,” said Gonzalez.

Alcohol was banned from Bulldog Stadium in 2006 due to unruly behavior.

It was allowed back into the stadium in 2017.

Action News reached out to Fresno State to ask if Saturday’s fight will make it reevaluate the decision, but we have not heard back yet.