The father of the girl who was caught on video sucker-punching a teenage opponent during a basketball game, sending her out of the game with a concussion, turned out to be a former NBA player who issued a stunning apology that offered kindness to the girl and showed disappointment in his own daughter’s behavior.

It turned out that the daughter was a repeat offender, being seen in multiple videos hitting others, and should not have been playing in the tournament in the first place. She’s now been banned from several upcoming basketball tournaments.

The father, as it turns out, is Corey Benjamin, who played on the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks in late 90’s/early 2000’s. He issued a heartfelt apology shaming his own daughter’s inappropriate behavior and wishing the best for the girl who was assaulted who didn’t deserve it.

He said: “To the young lady who was punched, I sincerely apologize, and I am praying for your complete healing both physically and emotionally. … To her family, I deeply apologize and regret that this has happened to your daughter as she did not deserve this to happen to her. … As a father I’m shocked and disappointed at my daughter’s behavior, as this is not a reflection of the values and standards that my family holds, nor does it exemplify the values, character and spirit of sportsmanship that the game of basketball requires. My daughter made a mistake. One that she will need to make right. … I am committed to getting my daughter any help she may need and support her in taking accountability for her conduct.”

This was hard to watch for anyone, but especially as a father. Seeing your daughter be hit for no reason is terrible. Seeing your daughter hit someone for no reason is terrible too.

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WATCH what happened that prompted the suspensions and apology from the father: