We finally have a news story where saying BYE FELICIA is appropriate and I can’t believe what happened. This involves a Georgia county commissioner who was found PASSED OUT on the street outside of a bar. She got picked up by the police/ambulance and she became very unruly and aggressive towards the people who were trying to help her. Her name is Felicia Franklin and she was the Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair for a while, but I don’t think she’ll hold that position much longer after this story becomes a breaking news headline all over the place.

Cops found Felicia, then she was put into an ambulance, and that’s when she starts acting out like she’s possessed or something. Felicia claimed she was allegedly given a date rape drug, but the toxicology reports say there was no trace of it according to a news report on Daily Mail. The report also said she claimed to only have a glass of wine and a cocktail, but the cops had evidence of her having at least five drinks.

It gets worse. Felicia claimed she was allegedly given a date rape drug, but the toxicology reports found NO evidence of that. After the news broke of Felicia’s incident, she was removed from her role as the Vice Chair, so she’s having quite a rough time after what was probably a really fun night out. Daily Mail reported this: “But police have contradicted her account saying there was no sign of the drug in her system and instead she had tested positive for alcohol and cannabis – and video from inside the sports bar showed Franklin being served drinks and dancing.

Welp, if the science says that’s what she tested for, then just own up to it. Apologize to the people who helped you. Explain to everyone you had a great night out and will be more careful next time. And move on. This really ain’t that deep, but apparently it escalated quickly and now it’s getting worse.

I was in that position before and I was just happy to get help. There was no way I was going to be mad at the people helping me. I was passed out in an alley next to a homeless guy on my birthday one year. I was downtown in Philly drinking Long Island Ice Teas at Club 27. I didn’t know this drink was straight up liquor! I thought it was iced tea with a little bit of alcohol. NOPE!

Next thing you know I’m puking in a cab, getting thrown out of the cab, then getting observed by an EMT who told my friends “he’s just drunk, take him home” and then I was in an alley next to some homeless guy who shared his blanket with me. After that, I ended up in my parents garage on a couch and I had NO IDEA HOW I GOT THERE. It was a really fun night, but I drank too much and that’s all it was. I woke up, laughed it up with my parents, and they gave me a ride home to my place. It didn’t need to escalate any farther. We’ve all been there.

But apparently Felicia had a little bit more of a rough night… Daily Mail continued their report on Felicia Franklin, saying the following:

Police bodycam footage shows her screaming and crying and at one point shouting ‘I don’t know what they gave me’ before beginning to hurl abuse at the emergency staff.

Staff had to strap her down to an ambulance bed and restrain her hands as she grew increasingly violent.  At other points she shouted at them to ‘get the f*** out of my face’ and asked them to get her mother.

When an officer told her ‘ma’am you’re about to go to jail’,  she replied: ‘I don’t give a f***, get him out of my face.’ Ambulance staff eventually manage to get her to the hospital, where she is transferred to a bed and becomes even more upset, calling out for her mother.

Come on, girl! Handle your drinks better and call it a day. Apologize to everyone for having a fun night and move on. But if you want my opinion, I think Felicia is in denial and doesn’t remember her wild night. I think she’s trying to act innocent and it just looks really bad for her either way. Daily Mail reported on what the police said…

But Sgt. Scott Stewart from Morrow police told Fox 5 that ‘We have found no evidence to support that she was in fact drugged with GHB.’

They said they had viewed video that shows Franklin walking alone into the 404 Sports Bar & Grill and ordering several drinks. They added: ‘She had probably 3.5 drinks to 4 drinks, then a swig of a beer.’

Police claim CCTV shows Franklin had three ‘That’s a home run’ drinks which contain 40-proof Hennessy and Grand Marnier, a glass of wine and then a swig of someone else’s beer. Video interviews with police shows the moment cops confront her with receipts and tell her she had more than the two drinks she claimed.

She replied: ‘I didn’t have five drinks… I had five drinks? I don’t remember having five drinks.’

When police showed her her receipt from the bar, she said: ‘I didn’t even order food, other people had this, I didn’t drink that’.  Investigators said they could not find evidence of anyone tampering with her drinks and claimed a toxicology report had found cannabis in her system.

She needs to own up to her wild and crazy night. Shrug it off with a smile and move on. That’s just my opinion. I’m clearly no expert, just stating what I think really happened. If she can’t be honest with herself after seeing the toxicology reports, then it really is BYE FELICIA for her.

NY Post reported she’s now suing Clayton County for kicking her out of her position. If I was them, I wouldn’t have kicked her out at all. I would’ve told her to apologize and handle her drinks better! LMAOOOO!!!!! Watch the Felicia Franklin video below:

Photo screenshot from embedded video


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