That a Slipknot concert went crazy is something which we used to hear, as they really know how to make a good show on the stage, but this specific one, which took place in Arizona at the Knotfest sideshow this week went a little more too far with the craziness, the funny thing is that none of the Slipknot performers were involved in what happened.

Actually, the fans were the stars of this show, at least for 30 minutes, as a blaze erupted in the moshpit and they kept it alive throwing long chairs onto the pile, which seemed very awesome at first, but after a while, the concert had to be stopped so the fire could be put down before things stop being funny, and just when the band started performing ‘All Out Life’.

They also needed to cut out ‘Duality’ and ‘Spit It Out’ from their setlist because of the bonfire, but in the end, nobody got hurt and it seemed like everybody had a good time after all.

Slipknot also teased us with some snippets of their new music which came via The Chapeltown Rag, an online marketplace for the band’s own collection of NFTs (the dumbest thing you can do is buy an NFT).

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And if you don’t know already frontman Corey Taylor confirmed last month that a new Slipknot album is almost done, so if you’re a Slipknot fan, this is huge news as their recent album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ came out more than two years ago, which was rated with five stars by NME.

“Slipknot have somehow remained true to their core as everything around them.“ were the words writer Jordan Bassett was saying. “More experienced, equally effective and similarly drunk on rage, self-disgust and lacerating, redemptive nihilism”.