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Eli Manning’s Double Bird story about Eagles fans is totally hilarious and definitely true

Former Giants QB Eli Manning was describing Philadelphia Eagles fans was the most likeable moment of his entire career – and that’s coming from an Eagles fan in myself. He also beat Tom Brady in two Super Bowls, which wasn’t as cool as Nick Foles beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, but at least we got that in common.

Watching him tell the story about how our fans cuss him out, talk about his mom, and a 9-year-old gives him the “double bird” was just about the funniest thing he’s ever done and it honestly made him a cool dude. Former Eagle Chris Long was cracking up because he knows it’s all true!

Eli had to apologize too, but it seemed like he really didn’t care, which is good. He shouldn’t care and no one else should either. It was a funny story. No need to apologize when you’re making Monday Night Football great again!

I like when these guys are just being themselves. Eli and Peyton Manning doing that show are definitely more entertaining than half the announcers out there. Too bad some people complained about it like they don’t go to the parking lots, toss back buckets of Natty, and then do the same exact thing to opposing players. Like bro, who are you even fooling?


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