Leave it to my hometown Philly Eagles fans to travel down to Carolina, watch the birds whip on the Panthers, and get arrested in a bathroom stall all in the same few hours. This is literally the raw dog you didn’t ask for, but thankfully the video is still SFW.

Here’s the cops busting in the stall and handcuffing two people. Meanwhile, let’s just point out that he looks a bit older than she does and that might raise a few red flags. The only thing more embarrassing than this would be wearing a Carson Wentz jersey. But hold on a second. What was the cops doing in the bathroom in the first place? How would they even know what was going on? Who snitched!?

My favorite part of the video is the fans cheering in the bathroom. Never a better group of people than sports fans cheering on people getting arrested for doing something silly! (credit Hickleberry)

Either way, I present you the most whacked out video from the weekend in football. Oh wait, it’s Monday and the Colts play the Ravens tonight. I hope the Ravens stomp Wentz (ultimate crybaby), but of course I want him to play every snap.


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