If there’s one thing we do very well in Philly, it’s yell at the referees with the nicest selection of words we can think of.

This video doesn’t have much sound, but you can read her lips very, very easily.



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As for the game itself, the Philadelphia Eagles stomped the New Orleans Saints on the ground, putting their newfound rushing attack against a top rated run defense, and sticking it to them.

Eagles won 40-29. Running back Miles Sanders made his return from injury, racking up 94 yards and a fumble. Jalen Hurts completed only 13 of 24 passes for 147 yards and no passing touchdowns, but ran in three scores on the ground.

Saints quarterback Trevor Siemian threw for 210 yards, but also two interceptions. One was a pick 6 to ‘Big Play’ Darius Slay who took the interception 51-yards to the house.